Amalor Plains…

The great place. The wonderous place. The place all want to go to. The dangerous place.

In the FALLS OF AMALOR DND 4e Campaign, you will journey to the great land of Amalor, otherwhise known as the Amalor Plains. You will fight gargantuan monsters with large, numerus limbs; find the secrets of ancient ruins; avenge dragons; get extreme amounts of gold; and more.

My Name is Christopher, and I wil be the DM. I own Currently: Players Handbooks 1 and 2, a DM Guide, a Monster Manual, Several Internet Generators/creators, the Keep on the Shadowfell guide, a DM screen, DnD 4e Starter set (Dungeon tiles, two basic rulebooks, dice, tokens), DnD forest Tiles, a dry-erase giant dungeon grid, and several Character sheets.

If you join, you will recieve:

Free Snacks;

Character sheets;

a place to play;

and PHB’s.

only to see the rules. PLEASE bring your own. I’m not letting you have my PHB’s!!!

If you live in Factoria, Bellevue or near it, you should be able to attend.

Falls of Amalor

Amalor plains   the lakeside